Under Armour’s Kevin Plank is turning an old bus garage into innovation central- Techinical.ly

Kevin Plank plans to turn a former garage for city buses into a home for makers and innovation, the managing partner of Plank’s Sagamore Ventures told a crowd of Baltimore entrepreneurs at Startup SoireeTuesday.

Demian Costa said the Under Armour CEO plans to turn the one-story, 140,000-square-foot building at 101 Dickman St. in Port Covington into the home of the apparel company’s innovation division, as well as a focal point for Plank’s desire to bring more light manufacturing to the U.S. The building will continue to be called City Garage, and will be the first part of Plank’s massive plans to transform Port Covington into a sprawling home for Under Armour and his various other ventures. Read More

Founders open up at Startup Soiree- Technical.ly

For entrepreneurs, the line between business and personal is occasionally blurred, and often erased completely. So, in putting 75 startup founders together in one room for last Thursday’s inaugural Startup Soiree, it’s perhaps no surprise that the discussion gave equal weight to relationships and credit lines.

For every tip to keep equity close to the vest, there was also talk of the personal sacrifice involved in starting a business, and room for quips about gingers.

Held at the Pixilated Photo Booth headquarters off South Caton Avenue, the event was made up completely of startup founders (with the exception of a couple reporters). Co-organized by Pixilated’s Patrick Rife and Intrinsic Events, the mixer is envisioned as a last-Thursday-of-the-month get-together where local founders can network and listen in on roundtable discussions about the ups and downs of the startup life. Of course, there was also a photo booth. Read More

Startup Soiree is a monthly meetup for startup founders (only)- Technical.ly

Among entrepreneurs, there is often a dim view of some service providers who slide pitches into otherwise social settings. They’re a vital part of any ecosystem but out of place and, with frequency, many an event has earned whispers that there are too many pitches of legal, accounting, insurance, recruiting and other services.

Patrick Rife, a partner in Pixilated Photo Booth, wants to silence those whispers. In January, he’s helping to launch Startup Soiree, a meetup to be held the last Thursday of each month that’s limited to founders, owners and other doers. The first will be held Jan. 29 at Pixilated’s headquarters at 3200 James St. in Morrell Park. To keep out those aforementioned persons non-grata, you have to request an invitation on their website. Read More