Startup Soiree is a monthly meetup for startup founders (only)-

Among entrepreneurs, there is often a dim view of some service providers who slide pitches into otherwise social settings. They’re a vital part of any ecosystem but out of place and, with frequency, many an event has earned whispers that there are too many pitches of legal, accounting, insurance, recruiting and other services.

Patrick Rife, a partner in Pixilated Photo Booth, wants to silence those whispers. In January, he’s helping to launch Startup Soiree, a meetup to be held the last Thursday of each month that’s limited to founders, owners and other doers. The first will be held Jan. 29 at Pixilated’s headquarters at 3200 James St. in Morrell Park. To keep out those aforementioned persons non-grata, you have to request an invitation on their website. Read More