Startup Soirée Podcast 002 | Creating Cinematic Excellence with Lee Morton from ClickSpark and Mozell Films

Excited to have Lee Morton from ClickSpark and Mozell Films on the Startup Soirée Podcast. Lee has been a good friend and business homie for a few years so our conversation is long overdue. Here's a little more about Lee and his work.....

Owner and Chief Storyteller at Clickspark & Mozell. Winner of international competitions, featured expert in Baltimore Bride magazine, and awarded #1 wedding cinematographer in the DC/MD/VA market. Regularly speaks at local colleges and universities. Leads a passionate and collaborative team of 4 associate cinematographers and editors. Dreamer and creative at heart inspired by family, strong coffee, and great stories.

During this episode we also spoke about some really great analytics tools for your Instagram and Twitter profiles. Here are links to those tools.

And.....Here are all the pertinent links to get in touch with Lee!

Twitter @ClickSpark


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