Startup Soirée Podcast 096 | Jenny Holbrook | Pearlswirl Jewelry

Jenny Holbrook has always been on the move, traveling across the world.  One thing that has stayed with her on her travels is her love of jewelry design.  Jenny will often use second-hand or repurposed materials from her trips or use materials sourced from the locations she has been! This makes each piece created small batch or limited edition!

You can view her work and shop on her website

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Startup Soirée Podcast 095 | Paul Hutson | Bond St District

 Producer Paul Hutson

Producer Paul Hutson

Producer Paul Hutson is part of the duo Bond St. District with rapper, DDm. After a chance meeting one summer outside of a local nightclub, the pair began working on a series of songs that would eventually become 'Everybody's So Sleepy'. 

Listen to 'Everybody's So Sleepy', Bond St. District's debut EP. 

The result is a sound that fuses the aggression of hip hop, the heyday of Motown, and electronic elements, into something irresistibly familiar yet idiosyncratic. [READ MORE]


 Paul Hutson and DDm of Bond St. District

Paul Hutson and DDm of Bond St. District

Startup Soirée Podcast 094 | Raina Smallwood & Nasira Latif | Cedar & Cotton

Cedar & Cotton co-founders, Raina (pictured left) & Nasira, specialize in expertly curated new and vintage home furnishings and accessories. Their studio is located on Pulaski Highway in Baltimore and is open to visitors on Saturdays (or by appointment) to browse their carefully curated collections.