Startup Soirée Podcast 096 | Jenny Holbrook | Pearlswirl Jewelry

Jenny Holbrook has always been on the move, traveling across the world.  One thing that has stayed with her on her travels is her love of jewelry design.  Jenny will often use second-hand or repurposed materials from her trips or use materials sourced from the locations she has been! This makes each piece created small batch or limited edition!

You can view her work and shop on her website

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Startup Soirée Podcast 095 | Paul Hutson | Bond St District

Producer Paul Hutson

Producer Paul Hutson

Producer Paul Hutson is part of the duo Bond St. District with rapper, DDm. After a chance meeting one summer outside of a local nightclub, the pair began working on a series of songs that would eventually become 'Everybody's So Sleepy'. 

Listen to 'Everybody's So Sleepy', Bond St. District's debut EP. 

The result is a sound that fuses the aggression of hip hop, the heyday of Motown, and electronic elements, into something irresistibly familiar yet idiosyncratic. [READ MORE]


Paul Hutson and DDm of Bond St. District

Paul Hutson and DDm of Bond St. District

Startup Soirée Podcast 094 | Raina Smallwood & Nasira Latif | Cedar & Cotton

Cedar & Cotton co-founders, Raina (pictured left) & Nasira, specialize in expertly curated new and vintage home furnishings and accessories. Their studio is located on Pulaski Highway in Baltimore and is open to visitors on Saturdays (or by appointment) to browse their carefully curated collections.


Startup Soirée Podcast 093 | Brandon Lackey | Bmore Beat Club

In this episode of the Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick talks to Brandon Lackey of Bmore Beat Club.

 "Facilitated by the Lineup Room, Bmore BeatClub provides an open space for producers to test out beats, while emcees show off their skills.

This “open mic” format offers a unique opportunity for collaboration; at it’s core, Bmore BeatClub is a hip-hop incubation space that features the experimentation of an open mic, but also provides the opportunity to build lasting relationships between emcees, producers, and other industry members." - What Weekly

Startup Soirée Podcast 092 | Isabel Antreasian, Alison Worman & Tatyanna Pulley | Whitelock Community Farm

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick sits down with with Alison Worman (far left), Isabel Antreasian (center), and Tatyanna Pulley (far right) of Whitelock Community Farms

Whitelock Community Farm began in 2010 when Reservoir Hill residents converted a vacant lot into an active urban farm with the help of hundreds of volunteers. The continued support of neighbors and the wider community has spirited their vision to improve access to healthy food. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

photography by  Dana M. Chang

photography by Dana M. Chang

Startup Soirée Podcast 091 | Jess Solomon | Art in Praxis

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick sits down with Jess Solomon of Art in Praxis.

As Director and Principal of Art of Praxis, Jess Solomon works with institutions around Strategic Planning and Budgeting, etc, on designing ways to get people interested in things that usually are not interesting. Art of Praxis works on creative ways to put theory to work. 


Startup Soirée Podcast 090 | Nia Johnson & Andrea Boston | Sunsets Bmore

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick talks with Nia and Andrea from Sunsets Bmore.

Nia and Andrea hit it off last August when they reconnected for a photoshoot. And that's where the beginnings of Sunset Baltimore

Sunset Baltimore takes the opportunity to build community while connecting with the creatives of Baltimore


Startup Soirée Podcast 089 | Jerrell Gibbs

In todays Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with artist Jerrell Gibbs. 

Artwork by Jerrell Gibbs, "Jordan"

Artwork by Jerrell Gibbs, "Jordan"

Native Baltimorean, Jerrell Gibbs, received a paint easel on Fathers Day two years ago and never put the paint brush down afterwards. Now a multifaceted visual artist, Jerrell creates engaging artwork featuring popular cartoon, characters such as Franklin from Charles Schulz's Peanuts. Jerrell uses his artwork to focus on social issues in communities throughout Baltimore and Maryland, exploring just what it means to be black.

Startup Soirée Podcast 088 | Kyle O'Connor | The Startup Nest | KOCP

In todays episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Kyle from The Startup Nest

As a serial entrepreneur, Kyle O'Connor has a history for seizing opportunities in emerging industry trends before The Startup Nest.

The Startup Nest helps entrepreneurs accelerate their small businesses and goals. Helping to avoid pitfalls that stunt the growth of any business.  With KOCP assisting in anything from web development to mobile app design


Startup Soirée Podcast 087 | B. Cole | Brioxy

In this episode of StartupSoirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with B. Cole founder of Brioxy.

B. Coles life work has been to invest into children of color and those who are willing to take a risk to reach their goal. She has focused on ways to tap into the social capitol and resources that she has had access to in her life in order to provide those same resources to the youth. Founding Brioxy in California, Cole set out to help communities of color to organize and invest in the dreams of each other, advance health, education, and economic policy. 


Startup Soirée Podcast 086 | Rachel Robinson & Jes Gignac | Intrinsic Events

In this episode of StartupSoirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Rachel and Jes, Founders of Intrinsic Events.

Rachel Robinson and Jes Gignac have been friends since as far back as high. But the
sister-bond didn't kick in until almost four years ago when they left their corporate jobs to start Intrinsic Events.

Intrinsic Events was founded to help create the visionary events that clients from all over the Baltimore area want. 


Startup Soirée Podcast 085 | Damien Mosley | Blacksauce Kitchen

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Damien Mosley from Blacksauce Kitchen.

With 17 years of experience in cooking.... Damien Mosley has joined the team from Blacksauce Kitchen to simply bring the people of Baltimore genuine food that connects with the people.


Startup Soirée Podcast 084 | TT the Artist | Queen of the Beat

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with TT, Queen of the Beat. 

Making her debut in 2010, Tedra Wilson aka TT the Artist has preformed along side Teyana Taylor, Yo Gotti, Ab Soul and many other high profile hip hop artists. Gradually creating a buzz through the edm and hip-hop scene, TT plans to release more music that live up to her name, "Queen of the Beat". 


Startup Soirée Podcast 083 | Kelly Pace Stegman | Pace & Love Marketing

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Kelly Pace Stegman of Pace & Love Marketing.

With her background in Food Marketing, Kelly founded Pace & Love Marketing in 2015 to improve merchandising processes and get the customers more involved. 


Startup Soirée Podcast 082 | Jessie Benson | Bmore SUP | FloYo

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Jessie Benson from FloYo and Bmore SUP.

Photo Credit: Julie Hove Anderson

Photo Credit: Julie Hove Anderson

After discovering paddle board yoga in 2010, Jessie Benson decided to introduce the concept to Baltimore in 2012 through FloYo. A standup paddle board yoga brand that teaches yoga instructors how to bring their own classes to the water.  She is also the owner of Bmore SUP, the ultimate location in Baltimore standup paddle board classes.


Startup Soirée Podcast 081 | LaKisha Greenwade | Lucki Fit | Glam Tech

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with LaKisha Greenwade from Lucki Fit and Glam Tech.

With a background as a marketing professor, Lakisha Greenwade officially launched Glam Tech in March as a platform under Lucki Fit. Glam Tech has become the center of technology and fashion while highlighting brands that are doing great things in the city and also helping to take their business to the next level.


Startup Soirée Podcast 080 | Pres Adams, Michelle Geiss & Jermaine Bell | Impact Hub

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Pres Adams, Michelle Geiss & Jermaine Bell from Impact Hub.

Photo Credit: Olivia Obineme of Strangers with Style

As a private innovation lab, Impact Hub is striving to connecting people who are social entrepreneurs and genuinely care about the city of Baltimore. Pres, Michelle and Jermaine are working to engage those with great ideas, but don't have the resources in Education + Youth, Health + Justice, Social Justice, Art + Design, and much more.


Startup Soirée Podcast 079 | Delali Dzirasa | Fearless

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Delali Dzirasa, the founder of Fearless Solutions, LLC. 

As a computer engineer by trade with a passion for business, Delali Dzirasa founded Fearless in February 2009. Specializing in software presentation and software performance, Fearless works on turning complex data into creative applications that are intuitive and beneficial to the user. 


Startup Soirée Podcast 078 | Emily Lerman & Nick Rodricks | Baltimore Be Bullish

In this episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Emily Lerman & Nick Rodricks from Baltimore Be Bullish

For all those who are interested in discovering the world Baltimore, you should listen to the Baltimore Be Bullish podcast and blogs. Emily and Nick are exploring the city and introducing us to the people that make Baltimore great!


Startup Soirée Podcast 077 | Randi Woods | Art of Healthcare

In tis episode of Startup Soirée Podcast, Patrick speaks with Randi Woods from Art of Healthcare. 

A native to West Baltimore, Randi Woods is bringing 16 years worth of experience in nursing and healthcare to Baltimore through Art of Healthcare, an innovative consulting firm. With services such as Health & Wellness Event planning, as well as Care Management Continuum Training, Randi's goal in mind is to create a community-based culture around healthcare.