Patrick's Podcast Picks Vol. 2

The #AskGaryVee Show - A Key Note: Entrepreneurship cannot be taught

This episode of the #AskGaryVee Show is a keynote that he did at USC. If there is one Slam Dunk, Face Punch, Fucking Awesome podcast that you listen to this week make it this episode. Gary drops so much incredible inspirational and motivating pieces of information in this keynote that for me it is become a mandatory saved podcast.

This is the kind of podcast that I will consistently return to on a monthly basis for the next year because there's just so much stuff in there that you have to keep listening over and over again to really grab it all. Get it.

The Startup Soireé Podcast - Jessica D'Argenio Waller - Maketribe

In this episode of the Startup Soirée Podcast we speak with Jessica D'Argenio Waller, founder of MAKE TRIBE, a series of pop up craft workshops and skill suppers led by experts in a variety of skills or handmade crafts.

The social media Examiner show - How to use Facebook power editor: a complete guide.

Here's another little power packed podcast from Chelsea over at the Social Media Examiner dynasty. I've been trying to learn more about Facebook ads and this episode really helped me to understand the Facebook power editor.

If you're looking to turn up your Facebook ad campaigns or just learn a little bit more about how they are implemented, I strongly recommend this podcast.

The Tim Ferris Show - How to create a blockbuster podcast

The King of hybridizing and hacking pretty much anything you can think of takes his turn speaking with another boss about how to produce a high-performing podcast. Topical to say the least! You know this dude was paying attention!

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Podcast with Todd Jennings: CEO & Founder of Panthera Technologies

Having qualified, competed in and finishing the world’s toughest one day endurance sport the Ironman World Championship, Todd understands what hard work, dedication and perseverance mean. In today's business environment you have to overcome obstacles and market challenges every day. Todd brings something unique to the game you won't find from others...an unmatched passion for what he believes in.


Todd was selected by SmartCEO Magazine twice as one of the top CXO’s in the Baltimore area. Todd is a talented IT professional with almost 30 years of systems, technical, management and leadership experience in IT technologies within many various industries (manufacturing, distribution, financial, insurance, federal government, colleges and universities, health care and retail). Having founded Panthera Technologies it was important to set the foundation of not only what services/products Panthera offered but what the company stood for and what its “DNA” was built on.

Todd on his company, Panthera Technologies:

"Our values and principals guide all decisions and are unshakable. They define who we are and guide every step we each take. Our clients, partners and our team are better off as a result. We are united in our mission and belief that technology results are measured far beyond just the technical delivery. We are passionate about leveraging both our business expertise and technology understanding to gain the greatest business impact on behalf of our clients. While being bound to our guiding principles and beliefs. Which gives us the strength to deliver excellence in all we do."


Having spent most of his life in Baltimore, Todd considers this home and where he will see the rest of my professional career out. He has a wonderful wife, a son who is a computer science major at Penn State, and a daughter at Hereford High School who loves field hockey.

Todd believes in paying it forward and dedicating time to organizations he believes in. He is currently a board member of The Brigance Brigade,There Goes My Hero, Fireman Rob Foundation. These organizations embody the spirit and values that are so important to him. As an entrepreneur Todd believes it is as much about what we give back to our community that establishes who we are as business.

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Action vs. Inaction | Launch That Podcast!

Launch Wagon

Very excited to announce the launch of the Startup Soirée Podcast! We've had this project in the works for a few months and I'm excited to say that it's finally come to fruition. We did a soft-launch a few weeks ago so we could test the waters and make sure we understood how things were working and so far we've had a pretty great response.

The Startup Soirée Podcast will be waiting for you every Monday morning; eager to bring you the most awesome founder chats this side of Kentucky. The format for our podcast is short and sweet; a one-on-one stream of Q&A's by a founder (yours truly) to a founder (maybe you?) with the sole purpose of capturing a snap-shot of what makes us tick. tick. tick. 


We've predicated the entire concept of Startup Soirée on the understanding that we as founders deal in a secret language; one that is expressed and articulated by challenges unique to our set. At Pixilated we meet with amazing business owners everyday and it's always the best part of my day. Those conversations are inspiring, re-affirming and fun and that's exactly what we're aiming to bring you with the Startup Soirée Podcast.


Who the Hell is Whom?

The first three SoiréeCasts (as I like to call 'em) were guested by three diverse founders from our Baltimore community so when you head over to the iTunes store and SUBSCRIBE you're gonna have three excellent episodes waiting for you. Then you'll have something to binge on. Your welcome! Wait, you wanna know whom? Ok, ok, ok.

Startup Soirée Podcast Episode No. 001 | Marc DeLeonibus | QuotePie

Marc DeLeonibus is the Founder and CEO of QuotePie and a Graduate of the Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business B.S. Finance. Before starting QuotePie in December 2013 he spent over 4.5 years in the commercial insurance industry on the broker side.  During that time Marc realized that the process that a business has to go through to buy insurance for their business was terribly inefficient and confusing. Marc knew that this process could be drastically improved, and that is how QuotePie came to be.

Startup Soirée Podcast Episode No. 002 | Lee Morton | Clickspark | Mozell

Owner and Chief Storyteller at Clickspark & Mozell. Winner of international competitions, featured expert in Baltimore Bride magazine, and awarded #1 wedding cinematographer in the DC/MD/VA market. Regularly speaks at local colleges and universities. Leads a passionate and collaborative team of 4 associate cinematographers and editors. Dreamer and creative at heart inspired by family, strong coffee, and great stories.

Startup Soirée Podcast Episode No. 003 | Max Sobol | Idea Evolver

Max is "Passionate about startups: getting them built, staffed, supported, optimized, growing and then some. He is a twenty year industry veteran and progressive thinker with extensive experience leading Internet technology companies from startup mode to more efficient and profitable operations.”


Show Notes, Extras and Add-Ons

Alright homies, you get the idea, here are the rest of the details. You can SUBSCRIBE to our podcast currently in the iTunes store or by using that fresh little Podcast app Apple graciously places amongst your IOS devices out there. We'll also be live on Stitcher, BB and the other major Podcasting platforms soon. 


You can also find a secondary blog on www.startup-soiree.com that our podcasts will publish to called, wait for it, wait for it, Podcast! There you'll also be able to check out any show notes or cool tools we refer to in each episode as well as all of the pertinent contact info for our wicked awesome guests.

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Alright folks, until next time...

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