Action vs Inaction: Find Your Tribe

Action vs Inaction: Find Your Tribe

My Tribe?

Your Tribe! Yes, you heard right homie! You’ve got a tribe, and they’re just waiting to love on you. This is one of the things I most love about being a business man right now! Without this built in “support system” I don’t think I’d be having as much fun. 

Wait, wait, I know what your thinking. But how do I get with this so called Tribe of mine? Well, you can start by figuring out who whey might be and more importantly what you could say to them. I know it sounds a little confusing but stick with me here. Once we get this under wraps we can figure out where they hang out!

Tribeswomen (and men, too!)

Here’s the thing. We’re all in pursuit of communication. Whether we admit it or not, most people you walk by on the street each day are raring for some posi-vibes; they just forgot how to do it. Or they’re overthinking it. We’re human. We crave interaction. We seek out communities of like-minded individuals. They make us feel comfy. Feeling comfy is good!

Also people really do have more fun when they’re talking about something they’re interested in. Add in a second homie who also gets stoked about the same/similar subject, and... Voila! Tribe of Two! Say it again, TRIBE OF TWO! 

Danger! Watch Yourself! Danger! Show Me What Your Working With!

Now that you’ve gotten a tribe of two, the rest is easy right? All you have to do is turn up the effort and implement a system, or two. This is the spot that sometimes gets sticky. You start saying to yourself well if I could talk about “blah blah blah" to this type of person, then I could talk about “gah gah gah” to these people, and then I’ll have four people in my tribe right? Well…..not exactly.

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Reason being those four people actually belong to two Different Segments of your Tribe. Their dialects are a little different. This is where having a firm grasp of segmentation comes in handy. I know it seems like it makes sense; that they really have many commonalities tying them together but really they don’t. What’s more, the further you get into your Tribe Build the more apparent this will become. 

Let Me Just Segment This Right Here...

It’s not that those two other Tribesman aren't valuable, it’s just that you’re putting the cart before the horse. The best advice I can give when you start to take Action vs Inaction in regards to building your Tribe is to stay focused on the first segment of your Tribe until you know them inside and out; to the moon and back. Then and only then, can you bring into focus the next segment of your Tribe. And then apply that same laser focus. Now rinse and repeat. Look at you, you’re a market segmentation ninja with robust tribe growth. Huzzah!

Who Dat | Potential Clients, Influencers and Fans Oh My!

Why the deep dive on understanding each segment? The thing about Tribes is that they aren’t necessarily filled with people who’ll be buying your product tomorrow. A good tribe is made up of all different types of people in many different stages of the “sales funnel.” Heck, sometimes they’ll never even make it into your sales funnel but that doesn’t mean they can’t play a critical role in your community; and perhaps more importantly helping your leads find their way through the funnel. 

When it comes to filling and hybridizing your sales funnel, both Influencers and fans will play as critical a role as the people lining up to buy your products or hire your services! Why? Because people like to have their ideas vetted by their peers, friends, family and influencers. It’s called peer pressure; which has a negative connotation (thanks McGruff) so instead we’ll call it peer influence. 

Peer influence is the reason we hire advisors and wedding planners. Bring our friends clothes shopping and ask Mom and Dad for their advice. When we have others helping us confirm we’re making a good decision we feel better about that decision. Mmm hmm, thanks Mom. 


Feeling comfy is good: Don’t worry about the “Other Guy.” 

There’s a million people out there and some of them, quite frankly, only want you! Feels good right? See here’s the thing, that old adage that competition is good? Well, it turns out that’s actually quite true. You see when it comes to making purchasing decisions, and when I say purchasing I don’t necessarily just mean a dollar transaction, having options is GOOD!

Without options your potential Tribe will have nothing to compare you against. Nothing to show them exactly Why your company/offering/product/nursery rhyme is better (read different [read unique]) than the other options.

When we choose a tv show from the guide, we’re “buying into” one option over another. When you choose one way to drive to work over another, you're “buying into” that path to work. Why? For one very simple reason. You prefer it. Easy, right? I know, crazy. 

So here's the rub. The same thing is true of similar “products” in your industry too. Wether you’re selling Inspirational Speaking, E-Books or high performing Landing Pages, some segment of that potential Tribe is going to like you better than everyone else just because you are you.

That’s the beautiful thing about the autonomy that the interwebz has provided. We’re now allowed to choose between a wide variety of options for EVERYTHING and there are people out there waiting to choose us...just because we’re us. Let it sit....


Always and Forever. In good times and in bad. Refill that funnel, now your acting Rad.

Alright, I know I've hit you with a lot. But I've saved the absolute best news for last. When your message and work match what you're excited about, the above Tribe building campaign will, after putting in requisite work, begin to feel effortless. Before long segmenting and understanding your Tribe will be as easy as pie. Don't believe me? Ask my Tribe.

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