Founder Recipe of the Month: Baked Rockfish with Blood Oranges & Pistachio Vinaigrette

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Baked Rockfish with Blood Oranges & Pistachio Vinaigrette

Fresh, colorful and full of flavor- eating fish never tasted so good!

Serves 4


For the rockfish:

  • 4 6 oz. portions of rockfish
  • 1 lemon, sliced thin
  • 4-5 sprigs of parsley
  • 1 tbsp. chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 white onion, sliced into thin rings
  • salt and pepper to taste

For the pistachio vinaigrette:

  • 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 medium shallot, chopped fine
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped fine
  • 2 tbsp. chives, chopped fine
  • 2 tbsp. nonfat yogurt
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 2 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 3/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
  • ½ cup pistachio oil or olive oil
  • 1/4 cup pistachios

For the salad:

  • 1 medium sized head of butter lettuce
  • I blood orange, cut into segments
  • 1 cup artichoke hearts (either fresh and cleaned, or water brined)


Preheat oven to 375°. Season both sides of the halibut filets with salt and pepper. Spray or lightly grease a 9"x13" baking dish. Arrange the onion slices evenly over the bottom of the baking dish, laying them flat.  Evenly distribute parsley sprigs on top of onion. Season both sides of the fish with salt and pepper. Place halibut on top of onion slices and parsley; make sure they are evenly spaced. Scatter lemon slices and thyme over the top of the fish. Cover with foil and bake 10-12 minutes, or until the fish registers a temperature of 145°, or turns opaque and separates slightly when prodded with a fork.

To make the vinaigrette: process lemon juice, chopped shallot, chopped fresh chives, red wine vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper in a blender until smooth. With blender running, add oil in a slow, steady stream, processing until smooth. Turn off blender; add pistachios, and pulse until pistachios are finely chopped, but a few small chunks remain.

To make the salad: cut the artichokes and lettuce into bite-sized pieces. In a large bowl, dress the artichoke and lettuce lightly with the vinaigrette. At the end evenly distribute orange segments on top. Serve with the halibut.

This recipe is from the Nutreatious Cookbook, Perfectly Plated. 



5 Ways to Make Oatmeal More Exciting

This week, Jessica D'Argenio Waller, founder of MAKE TRIBE, shows you how to make oatmeal more exciting! As a founder, your daily schedule is super hectic - these quick oatmeal recipes make for a delicious, fast, and healthy breakfast. 

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Action vs. Inaction: Gleaming The Dadosphere


I've got these two boys in my life. Each day I wake up to their crazy personalities. Each day they breathe life into me. I hope everyday to inspire them. I want my children to have experiences each day that drive their passion and invigorate their most dire impulse.

We start every single morning in my house with music and glasses of water (At least for Dad). There are few things in this world as amazing as watching my one year old melt down to that Jessie J/Arianna Grande/Nicki jam Bang, Bang. I mean seriously, my jaw = the floor. These kids tho.


How do we shape our children to be happy and healthy human beings? I think we do it by practice. Few things are perfect out of the gate. I mean shit, I made it through my 20's by the skin of my teeth and only because my wife, then GF, saved my ass left and right. I was hella lost. But, you wouldn't know it now. I got my shit together, I got my hustle on. Well, mostly.

I'm trying to teach myself how to become a supportive role-model in my children's lives. I know that I don't automatically become a great dad. It's going to take hard work and perseverance. The amount of times I've shaken my head at my own stubbornness is appalling but I keep moving forward. I keep trying. I get better.

You see every time I invest more deeply in them, I learn that much more about me. It's like I'm creating the Win/Win. Our interactions help us both mutually grow together like vines tightly entwining themselves. I'm supporting them; they're supporting me. 

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
— ― Aristotle


Our world feels crazy these days but I'm fairly certain those are just the sentiments of an adult gaining perspective, responsibility and fear. It's tempting to believe that our world is devolving around us. It's not. What's important to remember is that we each play an integral part in the collective march forward. Growth. Progress. Evolution. 

I hope to instill in my boys a deep sense of empathy for the world that will help them become so strong. I know they'll have challenges in their lives that I cannot overcome for them but I want to do my best to help them start off on the right foot. My children will be tasked with helping to fix the problems we've created with Race, Class and our Environment. I can't help but feel they'll do much better in the face of those challenges with a strong ability to empathize with the world around them. 


It's important to say how you feel. To say what you mean. There's a little fire that dies inside of me when I cannot honestly express my position. Call it the irascible tendencies of the spirit but in short the inability to commit to the truth drive me nuts. 

I learned so much in my life from not being true to myself. It took a long time and I still have a lot of work to do, but it's only been recent that I've found the clarity to know what I'm really about and how to represent it. I only wish I had learned more quickly to take confidence in my hunch about myself. I hope to show my children how to raise their ideas with conviction and stay the course with conviction. I want them to understand the position of the naysayer very early on because I believe that knowledge presents a view of the forest for the trees. 

No legacy is so rich as honesty.
— William Shakespeare

Working Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard. I learned a lesson very early in my life and it wasn't by being told; it was by example. I have a 99 year old grandfather. He's my Dzia Dzia (that's Polish for grandfather). From as young an age as I can remember my Dzia played a critical role in my life. He was definitely a great grandfather in the traditional sense; hugs and kisses, sweets and candy, hi-jinx; but he was also so much more.

It took me until just recently to start to see how much of my grandfather I embody everyday. He was a self-made man by all accounts and measures. Whether it was opening a gas station on his property, teaching himself to be an ace mechanic, flying a plane or winning a boxing title; my Dzia has never lacked in ideas or drive. 

I think growing up I always took for granted how determined I was to do things my way. How much I was willing to go out on a limb to realize a crazy idea. It wasn't until I got into my mid 20's that I realized many of those traits I possessed weren't things that everyone had. In fact those traits were seemingly found few and far between. Thank you Dzia.

As my grandfather continues his ascent to 100 years (Sto Lat) I find myself searching our conversations for all of the details. I need those tips and ideas. I need his perspective now more than ever. After all, I have to make sure that wisdom and grace is transitioned through to my boys as well. 

Grand Finale

All of you people out there! I'm talking to you! Take time with everyone and teach as you go; teach as a way of life. I guarantee the value you redeem from your efforts will outshine anything you could've done with your time. In the process you'll help someone along, help create a better place to live and help to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Also, check out the killer film by ClickSpark of my Dzia Dzia. It'll make you smile. I promise.

Catching Zzzz’s to Put you Ahead

Taking Care of YOU: 

the Best Way to Take Care of Your Business

Hello Startup Soiree Community!

My name is Dana Sicko and I am super excited to be part of the Startup Soiree Blog!  I am the founder and CEO of two companies, Nutreatious and Gundalow Juice.  Chances are if you were at the first Startup Soiree Party then you got to try some of our delicious food and juices.  The great news is that you will get to enjoy our food and juices all year long!


My goal with these blog entries is to focus on how you can be a healthier entrepreneur and founder so that you can create a business you love every single day.  Despite the amount of credit you give your computer, or in my case our 600-pound juicer, you and your team are the biggest assets of your business. 

You have to take great care of yourself and your team to make sure that everyone is working as efficiently as possible.  The last thing that you want to do is to have yourself or your team members burn out because of being overworked. In my blog, I'm going to focus on important health issues to help entrepreneurs, like ourselves, optimize the energy and health of our teams.

Enjoy my first blog post, below! 


Catching some Zzzz’s to Put you Ahead


I don’t need sleep. HA!

Some successful entrepreneurs that you have read, heard, or know about can operate off of very little sleep, for example Ms. Martha Stewart. On little sleep these individuals are able to have a very productive day.  Their mentality is that the excitement of their business is enough to make them work into the wee hours of the morning and leap out of bed a couple of hours later to start a new day.   


So my young entrepreneur self decided that I too would not need much sleep. After all I’m passionate about what I do and I wanted to train myself to need less sleep.  “I will get so much more done” I told myself. 

This was one of the silliest things I have ever tried to do. I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight, I was forgetful and “you look tired” became a normal description of my appearance, which as a woman is AWESOME to hear.

Representing my Brand

Considering both of my companies are focused on health, I was not properly representing my brand.  So I decided to prioritize my sleep and life became so much better.  My quality of work was better, I had more energy and I was more focused. I was also able to produce higher quality work in shorter amounts of time. Because of this improved efficiency I had more time and energy to exercise, cook and spend with my friends and family.

It’s not the length of the day that matters; it’s how we use it. 

Just because I have chosen to sleep a normal amount of hours doesn’t mean I hustle any less.  If anything, sleeping the amount my body needs helps me focus on what I want to do when I am awake.  After all, adequate sleep allows us to process and retain more information.  

I care enough about my businesses to know that when I am not able to perform at 100% that I am doing them an injustice. This is why I choose to make sleep a priority. My businesses deserve all of the effort that I can give them. We have to accept that the world will still be there to change when we wake up. 

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Action vs. Inaction: Letter To Mom (and everyone else, too!)

Breathe In

I'm sitting here watching the color in your face. It's the most wonderful color I've ever seen. You did it mom, you made it through.

You stood up to a challenge so daunting most people would demure from starting. I can't describe my pride. I can't describe my glee. 

Breathe Out

When it comes to personal health, admitting to ourselves what the facts are and what needs to be done is often the most difficult challenge. 

The space between Action and Inaction narrows; ballasted most by the emotions inside. Driven in no small part by our greatest fears. 


Action Baby, Action!

Recognizing the fulcrum, the point of transition, becomes near impossible. It takes faith and trust, two things I'm lucky you have in abundance Mom. 

Many have chosen not to take their future back. Many lack the courage you embody. You've become my hero all over again. 

Pour One Out

I love you Mom and I can't say it enough. Your impact on me is immeasurable every day and every minute. I’m left feeling a little foolish it’s taken this event to remind me. But I’m okay with that.

Sometimes it takes high stakes to reveal just how rich life is. I for one, am glad to have had the opportunity to have learned this lesson.

Us vs. The World

I urge all of you out there this holiday season to take Action in expressing yourselves. Let the ones who matter know just how important they are every chance you get. Each and every day we act as each others' greatest ambassadors, stewards and caretakers.

Pay attention to the ones around you and lift them up. Take the time to brush them off. Make the effort to let them know. 


“You're Bill Groundhog Day, Ghostbustin’ Ass Murray!” -Genius Gza

It’s kinda like the Delusion scene in Coffee and Cigarettes with the RZA aka Bobby Digital, GZA the Genius and Bill Murray. Sometimes you just gotta let people know you care.

No matter how ridiculous the situation. Sometimes you just gotta Shout Out Loud! But that's none of my business. (sips tea) See what I did there? 

Stay safe this holiday season friends. I can’t wait to see you all in the New Year. 



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