Analysis of Popular Startup Tools by TeamPassword

Brian Sierakowski, CEO of TeamPassword, shares his analysis of popular tools that are used by used entrepreneurs through TeamPassword. 

At TeamPassword since our customers are SAAS product companies and marketing agencies, we get to see the gambit of tools that companies are using. It’s always interesting to us to see what these companies use to help themselves, as well as their customers, grow.

So, using our data science powers for good, we’ve done an analysis on some of the most popular logins shared in TeamPassword and are processing them for you. Analyzing a sample size of 35,000 accounts, we’ve found the ten most popular products being used by TeamPassword customers. The numbers don’t lie, but we also think these products are the best around.

Without further adieu, let’s talk tools.


Mailchimp is a tool used for sending emails to customers and prospects. Who might this particular product be for? Anybody who needs to send marketing or product emails to a list (aka everybody in the tech world) can get great use of MailChimp.

MailChimp is more than the adorably mispronounced sponsor at the end of Serial episodes. This email service provider gives you the fastest way to get setup and get emails out the door, allowing email managers and marketers alike to efficiently do their jobs.


Used widely by developers, Mandrill is an email delivery platform powered by MailChimp. Developers are busy, with their hands in multiple projects at any given time. By having their own mail servers already set up for them, Mandrill takes one more thing off their already full plate.

Even if you’re not a developer, you should be able to appreciate the benefits of not sending your own emails, namely making sure your transactional emails get to your customers inbox and not their spam folder. Emails are hard! Let someone else send them.


Developers and product teams have chosen GitHub as their go to tool for software version control, collaboration, and doing code reviews. Github has taken an extra effort in making it easy to get started, which has turned many newer developers off when trying to get into the arcane world of Git and other version control systems.

Every product team should be using a version control system—if you disagree with that, please see me after class. However, given my experience in the software world, Github does the best job at providing the tool set above and beyond just “here’s what changes have been made” which separate them from the other tools available.



Ask any marketer what they need to manage their social media strategies and they will often say Hootsuite. It’s a social media management platform that allows companies and individuals alike to set up and conduct their outlets effectively.

People are definitely busy, but, your customers expect quick responses. One way to do that is to get all your social channels in one place so you can watch all them incoming @’s and likes and whatever else the kids are doing these way to make sure your customers are happy.



We know you have the talent and know how to build complicated integrations, but if you don’t have the time or bandwidth, let Zapier do the connection work for you. Zapier creates automations across your toolset, allowing you and your team to work on more urgent and crucial projects.

One cool new feature Zapier just released are called “Multi Step Zaps” (pew pew) which allow you to create automations not just between two tools, but within an entire workflow. This lets you take your zapping to the next level, you could do something like: when a new customer is created in Stripe, schedule a welcome email for them to come from mailchimp, post a message in slack, then open a todo item for someone to manually follow up with them. Powerful stuff, all with zero lines of code written!



Testing your products and looking for bugs will never be a tedious pain. You’ll have instant access to all real mobile and desktop browsers all while testing your product in a ton of different browsers so you can track down the bug reported from IE5.

You could instead download one of the many packs of virtual machines and find the right combination of operating system and browser, spin up the VM, fight with networking, then realize you don’t actually have the right combination and start all over again. Or, assuming your time is not worth nothing, you can use Browserstack and do the same thing in a fraction of the time.



Nothing is more important than getting feedback from your customers. One of the easiest and most useful ways to get feedback is through surveys. SurveyMonkey lets you create those surveys and get them out to your customers with ease.

SurveyMonkey has a leg on on their competitors a few ways, but generally people look to two key features: 1) they make it super easy to create, send, AND analyze your results, and 2) they give you a bank of scientifically tested survey questions to make sure us amatuer survey creators benefit from the wisdom of the expert surveyors that have come before us.



Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use, Trello helps you keep track of all your projects and statuses in one place. You and your team have access to your Trello boards, keeping everyone organized and up to date on past, ongoing, and future projects.

We use Trello to keep track of everything that’s not software development, which includes all of our marketing activities (this post was once a Trello card), sales activities, operations and our internal to-dos. I really dig Trello since they have a similar product strategy to us: while providing helpful constraints, Trello gives you the flexibility to organize and manage workflow however it’ll work best for your company.



Revolutionizing the way we process payments, Stripe allows businesses to quickly and easily accept payments over the Internet. Provided you’re already incorporated, you can start accepting credit card payments within a few minutes of creating your account (not days, not months.)

Stripe also provides the fastest turnaround time of any payment processor we’ve used—your money is yours, and they never freeze or hold funds for any reason, unlike some pals that come to mind. Developers love them for their awesome toolset and the ease of getting started, business people like how fast they get their money and how little time they had to spend to get there!


Media Temple

Take the guesswork out of hosting by using Media Temple to manage your servers. They are backed by their excellent customer service—it’s like having an extra team of developers to help you whenever you need.

While they provide a whole fleet of services, I’ve always been aware of Media Temple’s Wordpress hosting services as the top tier choice for hosting the most popular CMS software in existence. But, they provide most any type of hosting environment you need, and especially focus on the designer and developer community.

In Conclusion: 

Before you sign up for all these great tools (which we know you’re totally about to do, if you haven’t already), you might want one last recommendation: a tool to help you share and manage access to all these other tools.

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