Why Meditation is good for entrepreneurs, employers, and employees.

Meditation has many benefits, but how do you apply it to your business? One of the first misconceptions about meditation is that you have to have a clear mind and not think about anything.  You always hear the excuse of, "It's too hard," "I can't turn my mind off," and "I don't have time."  But as a business owner and brand; meditation has not only helped me be more productive, it has made me a happier person. 

In the book, "The Happiness Advantage" author Shawn Achor talks about seven principles that fuel success and performance at work.  In this article, I will discuss how meditation can help you and your co-workers.

Stress.  Meditation can help decrease stress levels.  Research shows that meditation can contribute to reducing blood pressure and resting heart rate if practiced three to five times a week.  Imagine being in a work environment where you can take a second to make a more rational thought and help defuse stressful situations by taking 5-10 minutes to meditation practice.  Also, meditation can help with time management by prioritizing situations to relieve stress.

Creativity.  Meditation can also open up your mind to more creativity.  If you need help problem solving or coming up with an idea, taking deep breaths with your eyes closed for 10 minutes can allow you to think more clearly.

Mindfulness.  The difference between meditation and mindfulness is that mindfulness is being more in the present moment.  If you can work with less distraction it can help, not only your work efficiency but also your work relationships.  

In conclusion, meditation can help you and your co-workers or employees become happier and more active people who help not only the company, but the individuals.

To learn more about different meditation practices and how to apply them to your life.  Check out my "Design Your Life" Meditation workshop at M.Power Yoga on January 7th.

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