All Fired Up: A Love Letter to the Future Me!

All Fired Up: A Love Letter to the Future Me!

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Closing in on personal potential

I'm so stoked! There's little else to say. I'm so fucking stoked! Life hasn't always been this way. It took some getting there to get here. It took some furrowed brows; some glares in the mirror. Sometimes sober, sometimes not. But I got here, and I'm so fucking stoked!

I'm writing this letter to future me so I won't run the risk of forgetting what it felt like when I finally arrived. (or I was past me?) I'm happy to say I hold myself to high expectations. I've always wanted and strived for something just beyond my reach. It's not that I wasn't grateful for everything I had so much as truly knowing what my core potential is. And more importantly when I'm underserving it.

Some of the lowest points in my life have been the moments when I've stared at myself, bleary eyed and wondering how all of the potential I saw in myself shown so dimly to the rest of the world. It was an overwhelming feeling and one that I didn't think would shake free. I didn't know if I'd shake free.

I must confess, it took a few maneuvers and the right cast of characters to help me re-find the path. There's no arguing with the power of the right support coupled with awesome resources but I have to be honest when I say the magic had been there all along; I just gave it too much shit so it stopped fucking with me. I can't say I blamed it.

The thing is, I'd always been confident. Then I lost the path. Lost the nerve. Lost my swerve. I think for whatever reason my understanding that I could own 100% of my shit wasn't on lock. It was at like 60% and dipping. So I second guessed myself. Tail spin ensued. Smoke. S.O.S. and whatnot. 

Why all of this detail you ask? I get it, it's a little verbose but..... I want to splash it out in fuchsia paint so you can feel the depth because understanding that makes the light so much brighter, the air so much warmer. Confidence is a beautiful thing. Everyone should have it, and everyone should share it. If it weren't for the positive that lifted me up I can't say where I'd be. But I'm here, and so are you, so let's pay it out in buckets. 

The community of Baltimore has been through a lot these last few months, years, decades..... I think it's time we start taking things back. Lifting each other up. Setting the confidence in this city in the right direction. Carrying ourselves with intention. Channeling our energies with purpose. 

That's what I'll be doing anyway. If you need a hand or a chat let me know. If you want some positive light, I got you. Let's get coffee. Let's exchange stories. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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