Action vs Inaction: Conclusions

I started the Action vs Inaction column in January of this year as a vehicle to finally force my hand in the blogging arena. I had always wanted to write something on a regular basis but had never really had the need or POV. 

With this column I found an angle through which I could make fun of myself in an effort to bridge the gap until my confidence showed up. I used my wit and a few well played eye-winks to get through the dip. I'm proud to say I think it worked. I've been publishing work on a few different blogs and I've gained a few people who enjoy reading. Valhalla.

All of that said, anytime you establish a framework for carrying out a content creation process, you risk at some point having the work that framework produces becoming drole and lackluster. It's a bit of a bummer but it's also really great too! 

Why you ask? Because your writing needs to grow as much as you do. I'm trying to ingrain a commitment to keeping myself agile; keeping my mind and skills ready to shift their focus. I want to be able to adapt. To thrive. You know?

So with that said, I'm shuttering this jam. As of now, and I can and will always go back on my word, (at least in my own column, not in business; in business I am forthright and Reliable) I am putting the Action vs. Inaction series to bed in an effort to commit to the next chapter in my Startup Soirée writing. 

I'm excited to leverage some new ideas and perspectives that didn't fit well under the Action vs Inaction framework. I want to write pieces that come from the point of community. I want to highlight my city. I want to move the conversation out of my head. I want to write more stuff you want to read! This is going to be amazing. 

I hope to hear more from all of you. Let me know what you'd like to read more of in the comments below. I'll write back! Also, you can find me reigning in light on Twitter @PatrickRife!