Seven-day workweeks, unpredictable work hours, business development constantly on the mind, and little to no personal time are just a few things every entrepreneur becomes very accustom to while enduring the hustle of starting and growing a business.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people who typically don’t consider their work as a “job.” Instead we tend to view work as a labor of love, which has us constantly pushing through till the current project, deadline or event is finished. And let’s face it; the work is never completely finished.


I have always been the type of person who requires downtime both personally and professionally. I’m also the type of person who tends to push myself to the max when necessary and the end result is never pretty. I end up feeling burnt out, getting sick, or even worse - feeling a lack of creativity for a short stint.

This is something I have to pay close attention to, especially as an entrepreneur. I don’t have time to get sick and can’t afford to lose my creativity spark.

I quickly learned that running myself ragged week in and week out was counter-productive. What’s the point of hustling to the point of burnout mode, when it takes that much longer to reenergize and get back on track mentally and physically?


While building my event management business Intrinsic Events, I have made a conscious effort to implement ways to recharge my batteries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It’s so important to listen to your body and recognize when you need a break whether it’s a 15-minute break or a week long vacation.

Here are some daily, weekly, and monthly R&R practices I have found super helpful as an entrepreneur:


Meditation: I try to take at least 10-15 minutes every day to focus on my breathing and be completely by myself, uninterrupted by work. This has helped me recharge my batteries on a daily basis! It immediately calms me down, reduces any anxiety I have and allows my mind to reset. The beauty of meditation is you can literally practice it anywhere.

Karaoke session: Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE karaoke. So when I’m by myself or with a fellow karaoke lover and I need to take a break from life and work. Nothing feels better than to belt out some sweet Broadway tunes or hits from Frozen while driving. It’s a great stress reliever.


Exercise: My business partner and I make a point to work out at least 3 times a week. Being healthy has always been important to us and there is nothing better than kicking off a morning with a good workout. Make a point to include some kind of exercise in your schedule on a weekly basis. It will allow you to break away from work and will make you feel better overall. Great way to kill two birds with one stone.


Vacay: I try and go on a mini or full vacation every couple of months. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life always feels so amazing. It’s also necessary in order to recharge and spark creativity.

I recently took a whole six days off and visited my best friend in Colorado and it was an incredible experience. We got up early every morning and hiked through the mountains, which was the ultimate recharge practice. I highly recommend. It was great to be able to focus on the beauty of Colorado instead of what email or phone call I was going to focus on next.

Although I would love to hop on a plane every other month and travel to an incredible destination, that’s not realistic. Even if you take one day to sit on a beach, walk through a park, or visit a friend an hour away; that counts.

The point is, it’s important to take time for you. As business owners, we are all working towards something we are passionate about so we can create a life we live on our own terms.

As an entrepreneur, how do you recharge your batteries?


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Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson is an event management extraordinaire whose passion is to help individuals achieve their goals through events. When she isn't spending time building an empire with her business partner, you can find her on the water with a cocktail in her hometown of Annapolis, MD.