Startup Sunday Digest I

Local StartUp News, Founder Tips, and more!

Gaining a Competitive Advantage: Part 2 by Jes Gignac - "In today’s world of social media...your customers’ definition of your brand is ultimately what defines your brand" 

The Baltimore Startup 5: Volume I by Nic China - "...My perspective on who’s doing innovative & groundbreaking stuff in the Baltimore startup world."

Orioles 2015 Season Outlook by Marco Romanell - "There is certainly going to be a lot of excitement and likely even some magic in Camden Yards this season..."

"Kevin Plank, Paul Palmieri Invest in Crowdsourced High School Sports Scores" by Stephen Babcock - "ScoreStream is leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to turn social signals into valuable new digital content resources"

5 Cold Call Rules Your Business Needs to Know by Drew Hendricks - "There is a difference between good marketing and misleading marketing, including with cold calls."