Patrick's Podcast Picks Vol. 2

The #AskGaryVee Show - A Key Note: Entrepreneurship cannot be taught

This episode of the #AskGaryVee Show is a keynote that he did at USC. If there is one Slam Dunk, Face Punch, Fucking Awesome podcast that you listen to this week make it this episode. Gary drops so much incredible inspirational and motivating pieces of information in this keynote that for me it is become a mandatory saved podcast.

This is the kind of podcast that I will consistently return to on a monthly basis for the next year because there's just so much stuff in there that you have to keep listening over and over again to really grab it all. Get it.

The Startup Soireé Podcast - Jessica D'Argenio Waller - Maketribe

In this episode of the Startup Soirée Podcast we speak with Jessica D'Argenio Waller, founder of MAKE TRIBE, a series of pop up craft workshops and skill suppers led by experts in a variety of skills or handmade crafts.

The social media Examiner show - How to use Facebook power editor: a complete guide.

Here's another little power packed podcast from Chelsea over at the Social Media Examiner dynasty. I've been trying to learn more about Facebook ads and this episode really helped me to understand the Facebook power editor.

If you're looking to turn up your Facebook ad campaigns or just learn a little bit more about how they are implemented, I strongly recommend this podcast.

The Tim Ferris Show - How to create a blockbuster podcast

The King of hybridizing and hacking pretty much anything you can think of takes his turn speaking with another boss about how to produce a high-performing podcast. Topical to say the least! You know this dude was paying attention!

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