Action vs. Inaction: Two Wrongs Make a Write

To Be or Not To Be

I've always wanted to be a writer. I've struggled with it and what it means to start or not to start; to write. To actually commit and have a purpose in my task. I mean seriously, what am I doing? How do I do it? Until recently all efforts have failed me. 

When I was a young man in middle and high school I can remember my creative writing courses and wanting to have something to say. Feeling like I wanted to tell a really incredible version of what happened inside of my head. Ultimately the ability to communicate or construct any kind of legitimate narrative was something that was elusive. Mostly it flat out escaped me.

Baby Steps

So how does it begin? What I figured out is that it begins with very small steps. With a very small incremental goal that you can put in front of you and then knock off the railing. Also.... it takes PRACTICE! 

I don't know why it's so hard for me to remember that most things take practice to become mildy proficient. Practice has worked time and time again but for some reason I always hold myself to some crazy expectation (read delusion) of being great at whatever new thing I'm doing as soon as I start doing it. Unrealistic, to say the least. 

Action vs. Inaction and the Startup Soirée platform have provided me with an awesome opportunity to write on a regular basis and not take myself too seriously. I mean, I take this so seriously, but I'm not afraid to take a risk now and again; and curse. Thank you for that!

But I Really Wanna

I think what I want most of all is just to be consistent. Make time in my day to commit to something that I feel is beneficial to myself and also for the people that are around me. What I found in the instance of having committed to writing something on a regular basis is that it helps me to understand how I feel about things.

There's a very different part of my brain that works when I'm feeling something versus when I'm thinking. Often the way that I think and the way I feel  are in conflict with each other. Parsing through the different points of view in my mind can be erratic. When I'm forced to construct my thoughts in language it provides a new perspective. 

I'm an emotional person. Sometimes my emotional response to a situation isn't exactly how I feel in the long run. It doesn't negate that response, however it also doesn't mean that it's a balanced perspective either.

What Should I Say

It's tough to figure out your "Voice," as a writer. It isn't as obvious as it seems. Also, it's hilarious how elusive something can be when it's just you. The person you've known the longest. Haha!

I started with the idea of wanting to write for more of an inspirational point of view, not in a cheesy ass way, but in a way that would help to provide an outlet for the positivity that I feel in my heart in lieu of feeling negative. That lasted for a few  articles.

I've also experimented with "How To" articles as I feel like I've learned a lot of technical tasks and I could be helpful in providing insight to how others can accomplish those tasks too. But that also didn't speak directly to my point of view. Directly to the amount of feel I wanted to impart on my writing. So again I search. 

I'm closer now to where I want to be but I still have a long way to go. What I would really like most is to embody in my writing the candor and ease with which I converse with the world. One of the things that I love most of all in life is simple conversations with people that are excited to be having conversations with me. I've always enjoyed people and I think on my better days I'm helpful to others. That's kind of the root of it. 

Where You Going Charlie Brown?

So what's up next? I'm not totally sure! But, I plan on continuing to publish articles. Simply put I just want to keep making more awesome. And try to be more like me.

All of that said.... I wanna know Where are YOU going? Leave me a message in the comment section below. I love hearing about other peoples Action(s) vs Inaction(s)..

See you soon?


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