Patrick's Podcast Picks

Here's a full on confession. I listen to A LOT of podcasts. I mean, a lot. It's what I do pretty much anytime I'm in the car, washing dishes, hanging out alone or whatevs. Anyway, I get to listen to gigantic hunks of truly incredible business info/tips/inspiration on a daily basis from all these podcast homies. Best part? It's all totally FREE! Say what? Yep, these jams are free. Why get an MBA when you can you go all tactical on it. In the comfort of your Escalade too:)

Anyway, I had the idea to curate a weekly list of my fav jams for a few weeks now but this morning I said to myself; "Self, you write that blog today! You're gonna have fun doing it and people are gonna really get some good new info. It's the right thing to do!" How could I argue?

So without further adieu, here's this weeks Top 5 Patrick Podcast Picks. If you want to make sure you don't miss next weeks picks Sign-Up Here!

1. The Social Media Examiner Show! If I could highlight one show here and in the future this would be it. They'll no doubt be regulars on my list but this week they burst on the scene like crazy and already have a TON of content for you to check out. They're all under 10 minutes and crammed full of directly actionable tips. Seriously people, do not sleep!

2. The Nice Guys of Business Podcast! Doug Sandler already has a hit book climbing the Amazon charts called Nice Guys Finish First and now he's bringing us a complimentary podcast to help expand the Nice Guy message. Doug and Strickland do a great job of providing useful business tips that will help you get ahead and remain a Nice Guy at the same time. 


3. It wouldn't be a "Who's Who of Podcasts" without a mention of Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. This guy has literally given me 1 Billion ideas all while driving around. Talk about ROI. No seriously, Pat Flynn has built his empire on transparency. He'll tell you what he's making, and then he'll tell you how. This guy, sheesh....

4. The Startup Soiree Podcast! Admittedly this is my podcast but damn is it a good one. I speak with company founders about what they do, why they do and where they're going. Equal parts business hustle and lifestyle design. A podcast For Founders, By Founders.

5. Without a doubt the one podcast I rely one week after week, month after month, year after year is Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner. This podcast is produced by Social Media Examiner, the same producers of my first recommendation. Michael and the SME team are without a doubt the font of inspiration. When it comes to hosting thought provoking discussions on the what's working in social media right now, these guys have got it. Jeez, I totally owe these people equity.

Ok, there it is. My first top five. I realized I didn't really recommend any specifics. That'll change next week. If you wanna get these updates in your email be sure to Sign-Up for our email feed.

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