Catching Zzzz’s to Put you Ahead

Taking Care of YOU: 

the Best Way to Take Care of Your Business

Hello Startup Soiree Community!

My name is Dana Sicko and I am super excited to be part of the Startup Soiree Blog!  I am the founder and CEO of two companies, Nutreatious and Gundalow Juice.  Chances are if you were at the first Startup Soiree Party then you got to try some of our delicious food and juices.  The great news is that you will get to enjoy our food and juices all year long!


My goal with these blog entries is to focus on how you can be a healthier entrepreneur and founder so that you can create a business you love every single day.  Despite the amount of credit you give your computer, or in my case our 600-pound juicer, you and your team are the biggest assets of your business. 

You have to take great care of yourself and your team to make sure that everyone is working as efficiently as possible.  The last thing that you want to do is to have yourself or your team members burn out because of being overworked. In my blog, I'm going to focus on important health issues to help entrepreneurs, like ourselves, optimize the energy and health of our teams.

Enjoy my first blog post, below! 


Catching some Zzzz’s to Put you Ahead


I don’t need sleep. HA!

Some successful entrepreneurs that you have read, heard, or know about can operate off of very little sleep, for example Ms. Martha Stewart. On little sleep these individuals are able to have a very productive day.  Their mentality is that the excitement of their business is enough to make them work into the wee hours of the morning and leap out of bed a couple of hours later to start a new day.   


So my young entrepreneur self decided that I too would not need much sleep. After all I’m passionate about what I do and I wanted to train myself to need less sleep.  “I will get so much more done” I told myself. 

This was one of the silliest things I have ever tried to do. I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight, I was forgetful and “you look tired” became a normal description of my appearance, which as a woman is AWESOME to hear.

Representing my Brand

Considering both of my companies are focused on health, I was not properly representing my brand.  So I decided to prioritize my sleep and life became so much better.  My quality of work was better, I had more energy and I was more focused. I was also able to produce higher quality work in shorter amounts of time. Because of this improved efficiency I had more time and energy to exercise, cook and spend with my friends and family.

It’s not the length of the day that matters; it’s how we use it. 

Just because I have chosen to sleep a normal amount of hours doesn’t mean I hustle any less.  If anything, sleeping the amount my body needs helps me focus on what I want to do when I am awake.  After all, adequate sleep allows us to process and retain more information.  

I care enough about my businesses to know that when I am not able to perform at 100% that I am doing them an injustice. This is why I choose to make sleep a priority. My businesses deserve all of the effort that I can give them. We have to accept that the world will still be there to change when we wake up. 

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